Scientific illustration

Need an illustration to represent your work? Tapping on my scientific background, I can work with you to generate custom info-graphics for academic journals, presentations, journals, grant applications, and websites.

Manuscript figure layouts

Putting together your manuscript? I can help you with composition of your figure layouts. I follow all guidelines laid out by the journal or institution, and maintain high standards of data integrity and ethical data representation.

Science communication

Planning a scientific conference or public engagement event? I can assist you with custom graphics, from flyers to publicize your event, to fun characters and graphics for printing on your event posters, stickers, t-shirts or door gifts.

Logo design

Thinking of a logo to represent your lab or your organization? I can design a unique logo that represents what your lab or organization does, and that is suitable for your branding needs.


Have an image or a data figure that does not look quite right? Through in-person or online consultations, I can suggest improvements to your artwork to make your data clearer and aesthetically pleasing .

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